Specializing in Native American Housing & Facilities

As an Indian-Owned General Contractor, NLD focuses on the enhancement and expansion of tribal lands. We are a young, innovative & experienced company with a unique project portfolio. Majority of our projects are federally-funded, thus we are skilled at complex contract compliance.

Our Mission: To successfully partner with Indian tribes in; working together to enhance the lives of our communities.

Our Vision: To build houses; to build Tribal community centers; to build health facilities; to build workspaces that encourage creativity, secular growth and pride in accomplishments. To build strong communities where proud children grow in a safe environment with a solid foundation.

Our Goal: To be invited and awarded bids for future building projects. To prove our capabilities and beautify the native communities of our homeland.

Background: Majority owner & founder, Leah Wells-Swanson is a member of the Nisqually Indian Tribe. She is active in her community & is currently appointed to the Community Development Committee, an integral part of the short & long-term planning for her Tribe. In the past she has as the elected Secretary of the Transportation & Personnel Committees.

The Nisqually Indians are the people of the river, the people of the grass. We are a sovereign nation and the original people of the Pacific Northwest. The Nisqually reservation land was established on December 26, 1854 by the Medicine Creek Treaty; a treaty that included many of the other other Tribes in Western Washington. “We envision the Nisqually Tribe as a place were spirits are strong and good. It is a place where all people, interconnected with all things, can live in harmony." To learn more about my people, please visit the Nisqually Indian Tribe’s website at www.nisqually-nsn.gov

What Clients Are Saying About Native Land Development
''The most reliable builder when warranty issues arise'' Private Owner's Contract Manager
''Up and coming builder … pleasure to work with!'' Owner's Architect of Record
''I have a great amount of confidence in NLD … A+ work!'' Nisqually Indian Tribe's Authorized Representative
''Problem solvers… Always a pleasure to work with!'' Nisqually Indian Tribe's Authorized Representative
''(I have) absolute confidence in NLD… they are very easy to with with… very thorough builders.'' Squaxin Island Tribe's Authorized Representative