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Redline Drawing Markup & Planroom

Dream it. Draw it.

Redline Planroom allows you to effortlessly upload, mark up, and share your plans with other collaborators that need accurate information to perform at their best. With a complete set of markup features and more intuitive tools than any product on the market, you’ll be hooked on day one and never look back.

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Estimating & Job Costing

Break ground, not the bank.

ConstructionOnline Estimating gives you the tools you need to create fast, accurate estimates and track your financial progress from start to finish.

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Change Order Management

Turn headaches into headway.

Managing change orders properly can be the difference between a profitable job and one that sends your business up in flames. They’re as unavoidable as death and taxes, so you should be prepared to handle them when they arise. ConstructionOnline lets you create and approve Change Orders from the field to make quick work of those pesky changes.

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Client Selections

Selections, now in seconds.

Throw out the binders and make way for convenient and attractive online selections. Save time and hassle trying to set up review meetings and let the job run itself. By instantly communicating allowances, due dates, and available options, the hardest part is deciding what to do with all your free time.

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Accounting Integration

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

There are times when too much automation is a bad thing. This isn’t one of them. Enable automatic transfer of data between QuickBooks Online or Xero - including clients, jobs, invoices, and payments - to minimize data entry and keep your financials up to date.

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Requests for Information

Don't be afraid to ask for more.

No project is perfect. No matter how much planning or experience goes into it, there will always be questions that go unanswered. With ConstructionOnline RFIs, you can have the answers and take the job in stride without reducing your productivity or profitability.

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GamePlan Itineraries

Manage your time. Manage your team.

ConstructionOnline GamePlan helps you control the chaos and master your communication by sending automated reports to each team member with everything they need to know to get the job done. So kick back and relax, we’ve got you covered.

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Communicate with clarity.

Break free of junk mail and take back your inbox with ConstructionOnline Messaging. By limiting access to only your ConstructionOnline contacts, you can spare yourself the grunt work of filtering through meaningless emails and keep your communication clear.

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Project Calendars

It's a date.

Calendars are boring. But this isn’t just any calendar. ConstructionOnline leverages its robust feature set to create a calendar that combines all of your important milestones and due dates into one location.

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World's Fastest Scheduling

Plan ahead. Plan for success.

Stop wasting time. Blaze through your projects with the world’s fastest online scheduling. ConstructionOnline Scheduling uses intuitive Gantt charts, so you can manage your projects in no time. With these incredible features, effortlessly create, edit, and share your ever-changing project schedules.

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Latest Activity

Monitor your momentum.

Work moves quickly, so stop playing catch-up. Preview all of your projects’ statuses and details from Latest Activity in ConstructionOnline. Our smooth interface features beautiful dashboards and summaries that provide just the information you need, so you can quickly catch up on project developments and opportunities.

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Daily Logging

There when you need it - and when you don't.

Without a proper log history, all it takes is one unsubstantiated claim to negate your hard-earned profits. Accurate and detailed project logging is the best defense when push comes to shove, and by automating and streamlining your daily entries, ConstructionOnline Project Logging can get you out of the courtroom and back on the jobsite.

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To Dos

Forget about it. We've got you covered.

Many people think they have a problem forgetting, but the truth is that they have a problem remembering. In the organized chaos that we call construction, it’s impossible to keep everything on the front of your mind at all times – but we’ve got you covered. ConstructionOnline To Dos allow you to organize and prioritize your tasks so that you can focus on what’s important and forget what isn’t.

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Punch Lists

Won and done.

To stay in business, you have to get paid. If your cash inflow is delayed – or worse, withheld completely – it can lead to drastic delays on other projects while you wait for the funds to proceed. With ConstructionOnline Punch Lists, you have the perfect tool to close out your jobs and claim your final payments, all while creating a satisfied client that will serve as a lifetime reference.

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Contact Management

Pull the strings, earn your wings.

ConstructionOnline’s contact management system organizes your employees, clients, and team members to quickly open channels of communication. With the ability to set permissions at a project and feature level, you can be sure that everyone sees exactly what they need to see, and only what they need to see.

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ClientLink Logins

Give your clients confidence.

ConstructionOnline Client Portals provide clients round-the-clock access to all of their project information. With instant notifications and online approvals, change orders and selections have never been easier. Work smarter, not harder.

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TeamLink Logins

Keep your team on target.

Keep your subcontractors informed and on task with ConstructionOnline TeamLink portals. With two-way communication, you can share punch lists and project documents with ease while collecting critical information on correspondence and daily activity.

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Lead Tracking

Supercharge your sales.

The key to successful sales is to keep leads moving forward. ConstructionOnline Lead Tracking provides valuable information such as pipeline stages, lead quality, and callback dates that allow you to prioritize your leads and always be closing.

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Public Profile Website

Put yourself out there.

First impressions matter. If your website isn’t professional – or doesn’t exist at all – potential clients could come and go without you ever knowing. With ConstructionOnline Public Profiles, you can create a powerful online presence that showcases your success and generates leads.

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Image Galleries

Seeing is believing.

Our beautiful and responsive image galleries make storing, editing, and sharing photos a seamless experience. When you need to relay jobsite photos, simply point-and-click from any device to share immediately with your clients and team.

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Cloud File Management

Papercuts prohibited.

Cloud File Management gives you direct access to all of your documents the second you need them. With easy-to-use folder and file organization, you can choose exactly which files are visible to owners, subcontractors, and employees to keep information in the right hands.

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Custom Mobile Apps

Designed for you.

ConstructionOnline custom applications are designed and branded with your company’s information to give your communication a personal, professional touch. ClientLink and TeamLink members can log in from anywhere to see project updates and content that you’ve shared with them, right at their fingertips.

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How ConstructionOnline Works


  • Create Proposals
  • Build Schedules
  • Assign Tasks to Your Team
  • Win Jobs with Your Own Company Site
  • Clients Can Login and View Upcoming Activity

Construction / Project Management

  • See Latest Job Activity
  • Log Events & Track Weather
  • Manage To Dos
  • Track Delays and Assign Resources with Scheduling
  • Get the Big Picture with Multi-Job Calendars
  • Preview, Share, & Comment on Files and Photos
  • Markup and Share Project Drawings and Images
  • Keep your team on Track with GamePlan Emails
  • Subs can Login and Get the Latest info with TeamLink
  • Clear up Confusion with Requests for Information
  • Ensure Jobs Are Closed Properly with Punch Lists


  • Track Job Costs and Payments with Easy Estimating
  • Protect Your Bottom Line with Change Order Management
  • Create Selections and Track Client Approvals
  • Integrate with Your Preferred Accounting Software

Client Relations

  • Clients Can View Calendars, Photos, Budgets, & more
  • Create Change Order Docs and Get Online Signatures
  • Keep the Conversation Going with Searchable Messages