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ConstructionOnline - Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Getting Started with ConstructionOnline - PDF

The ConstructionOnline Getting Started Guide offers a quick overview of the primary features and options you will cover when setting up your account. From creating new projects, adding and inviting contacts, uploading files and images, creating custom albums, sharing information, receiving notifications when someone accesses or downloads a file, and setting permissions for who sees what, the getting started guide will lead you there. Getting Started Guide Download

  • Why should I choose ConstructionOnline?
    UDA ConstructionOnline is the world's fastest growing online collaboration resource for construction professionals, with over 200,000 registered users worldwide and thousands of new users signing up each month. Top UDA developers are using client feedback to design new ways to better meet the needs of ConstructionOnline users every single day, with new features and updates constantly being released. In addition to being the industry's most advanced and feature-rich collaboration portal, ConstructionOnline is unique in that the basic version is provided as a free service worldwide, which really opens up your options in terms of who you can work with online. Your construction business should be connected, saving you time and helping you avoid miscommunication errors and project delays. Your construction business should be a ConstructionOnline business.
  • What is ConstructionOnline? How can it help my business?
    ConstructionOnline is an open online collaboration portal designed specifically for construction professionals like you. ConstructionOnline offers an advanced set of online management tools including Scheduling, Calendars, Project Logging, and To Dos - as well as an easy, secure way to communicate and share files with any of your team members, clients, or associates. That means your plans, photos, videos, estimates, schedules, RFIs, change orders, CAD documents, and all other project files are at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Sign Up Today
  • Can I access ConstructionOnline from my smart phone or tablet?
    Yes! You can access ConstructionOnline straight from your phone or tablet's browser. But to better serve our busy mobile users, UDA developed the OnSite Mobile App Family, with six powerful & free apps, each with individual functions for improving your ConstructionOnline experience. You can capture photos and video, upload multiple file types, access plans & drawings, or send out reminders to your team straight from the jobsite. Now available for all of the latest operating systems for Android and Apple phones and tablets, the OnSite App family is constantly growing bigger and better. Learn more about OnSite Mobile Apps
  • What is ConstructionOnline Pro?
    ConstructionOnline Pro includes the world's fastest Scheduling, Calendar tools, To Dos, and easy Project Logging.  Learn more about ConstructionOnline Pro
  • How secure is my data on ConstructionOnline? 
    ConstructionOnline provides industry-leading security including: advanced firewalls, secure file transfers, powerful password protection and easy-to-use privacy tools allowing you to hide access to specific files, projects, and users.  Learn more about Security
  • Can multiple users log in to my account at one time? Does each user have a unique login? 
    Since each user has their own login and account information, multiple team members can be logged into a project at once, contributing comments, files, revisions and more.
  • I only want to share some of my files with some of my contacts. Can I limit access to certain types of information, files or projects? 
    Yes, you can set custom permissions, allowing certain users only certain functions or even hiding files or entire projects from a specific user. You can give your contacts access to as much, or as little, information as you like.
  • How do ConstructionOnline File Sharing and PlanRoom services work?
    ConstructionOnline allows you to upload and share project files, photos, estimates, schedules, change orders, cad documents, and more with everyone on your team. Your contacts can then upload their own files, or view and comment on files you give them access to, keeping your entire project team connected and in sync. Additionally, Pro Features include, Scheduling, Project Calendars, To Dos, and Project Logging give your construction team the ability to work together like never before.
  • Does ConstructionOnline require internet access to function? Do I need other software to access ConstructionOnline?
    The only requirements for ConstructionOnline are a standard web browser and an internet connection, no software required!

  • ConstructionOnline System Requirements
    Web Browser:
    • Firefox version 3 or higher
    • Safari version 4 or higher
    • Chrome version 3 or higher
    • Internet Explorer version 6 or higher
    Internet Access: Broadband (DSL or Cable) internet connection recommended
    Optional Integration: ConstructionSuite 5 Version Required for direct integration with ConstructionOnline

  • Is ConstructionOnline an online version of ConstructionSuite? 
    Rather than an online duplicate of ConstructionSuite, ConstructionOnline is an independent web application designed to promote team collaboration by providing an easy-to-use, live updating file sharing and communication portal that everyone can access via the web. With new Pro Features, ConstructionOnline now offers some of the powerful management tools native to ConstructionSuite, like Scheduling, Calendars and To Dos, allowing you to get even more done when you're out of the office.
  • Can I really sign up for free? Do I need to purchase ConstructionSuite to use it?
    Your 5GB ConstructionOnline Account is totally free, no strings attached. We also offer upgraded versions with added storage capacity if you need the extra space, at extremely affordable prices just a small fraction of the cost of other similar services. Competitor's products (aside from charging exorbitant membership fees) are very limited in terms of actual management tools, and in terms of who you can share and communicate with. ConstructionSuite user or not, anyone can sign up for a free ConstructionOnline account, so you can always communicate with anyone you'd like to keep in the loop.