Selections, now in seconds.

Throw out the binders and make way for convenient and attractive online selections. Save time and hassle trying to set up review meetings and let the job run itself. By instantly communicating allowances, due dates, and available options, the hardest part is deciding what to do with all your free time.

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Create & Print Selection Reports

We all want to know where we stand, especially when money is involved. With Selection Reports, you can quickly review a summary of all selections related to a project, giving you a clearer picture of your financial footing.

Automated Reminders

Powerful, automated reminder emails let clients know due dates are upcoming, eliminating delays for key or special-order materials. Yet another landmine ConstructionOnline will help you avoid on your way to success.

Confirmation Emails

When a client makes a decision, subs and suppliers are immediately notified, giving your team ample time to order or reserve necessary supplies and equipment to keep the job on target.

Selection Picker Tool

Save time and avoid datea entry errors with the Selection Picker Tool. Simply browse your preferred suppliers' websites and add Selection Choices with a mouse click.