Construction Calendars

It's a date.

Calendars are boring. But this isn’t just any calendar. ConstructionOnline leverages its robust feature set to create a calendar that combines all of your important milestones and due dates into one location.

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Complete Activity Overview

Disocver the power of managing and organizing all of your project activities in one central calendar. The ability to plan ahead and complete work as scheduled is vital to success in the industry - and doing that was easier said than done, until now. With an online Calendar, organized by projects you have already created, keeping key players up to date is easier than ever.

Single or Multi-Project Views

Whether you want to see a single project calendar or a complete account-wide record showing everything you have coming up, the Calendar's ability to display and filter information on the fly means you will have complete control and access to that information. Never miss an important due date or milestone again.

The Power to Share

Every event you create can be assigned to multiple ConstructionOnline contacts, giving you the ability to administer each individual's calendar. Even better, you have the power of designating tasks as Public or Private, meaning you have complete control over what each project member can see and edit.

See a Little or a Lot

See an entire month of activities or an hour-by-hour breakdown for a specific day. Since each view gives you the ability to create activities simply by clicking into the Day or Hour you want to create that task for, adding events to your calendar is a straightforward, intuitive process. Because the system accounts for changes in time zones, keeping contact updated on when tasks are happening is easy, even when users may be states or countries apart.