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We launched in 1967. Nobody said “launched” in 1967 unless they were talking about the Apollo space program, or possibly a boat. Nevertheless, “launch” we did. In the beginning, the idea was simple. People needed help doing their own plumbing, heating and electrical. We knew how to do those things, so we helped them.

We were known as Centennial Plumbing, Heating and Electrical back then, named for Canada’s 100th birthday. It’s nice to be named for a mega party.
There was no moon landing that year, but we watched the Leafs beat the Canadiens on a black & white TV with rabbit ears. It was a good year. We’ve kept our party hats and our festive name – we’re now Centennial 360.

Centennial 360 is not your father’s plumbing and heating store. Drop into our show room and see how much we’ve changed. From our DIY roots, we branched into renovations, then custom homes. Now we take care of any stage of a dwelling – full circle – from maintenance, to renovation, to a new build. You might even say we’ve got you covered “360”. (See what we did there?)

Centennial 360 has been recognized as company full of awesome ideas. In fact, our “we-don’t-like-to-brag wall” is getting cluttered. Luckily we know people who can build us a bigger wall.
We’re always trying to make the company, the team, the service, and the products better. Our story is ongoing. It’s part drama, part comedy, sometimes musical, and definitely action.

What Clients Are Saying About Centennial 360
“Paige and I have been wanting to design and build a house since we can remember. We would drive around town looking at houses we liked and made note of the different architectural features that caught our eye. We came across the custom duplex that Centennial built on 2nd St. E and had a look one day during an open house. Needless to say we fell in love with the style and architecture of the house, and wanted to inquire about a custom single dwelling home in a new area of the city to move our new young family into. We were put in touch with Michael Shaw and Rebecca Simpson at Centennial Custom Homes and immediately began brainstorming ideas. The level of knowledge and enthusiasm that Michael and Rebecca brought to the table really made the design process enjoyable. Having a nice meeting room right beside their showroom made the process of choosing all of our finishing products that much easier, as everything was right in front of us to view. If we ever wanted something different than what was in the showroom, they had a very friendly and knowledgeable sales staff to find the products we wanted. We are currently half way through our build and excited to see the final product. We would highly recommend to anyone looking to build a home to talk to Michael, Rebecca and their team at Centennial 360.” Matthew Lofstrom
“We are very pleased with our bathroom renovation. Centennial 360 transformed our bland, extremely dated mid 80’s bathroom/laundry room into a relaxing sanctuary. Corinne’s design took into account our desire for more storage by providing a floor to ceiling cabinet with cupboards on top and drawers in the bottom. The new vanity provided greatly improved lighting, storage and an attractive cabinet with quartz counter top. The whirlpool tub and custom rain shower which fit into the previous laundry room area are our favorite elements of the bathroom.

We requested Tyler to be the primary technician as he had worked on a previous renovation project. (The household cat was truly smitten with him.) He did a fantastic job in all aspects and we are thrilled with the meticulous tiling job-such attention to detail.

The time lines were spot on. Karin communicated with our family so that we knew when inspections, etc. were scheduled. Bob was very helpful as the general contractor explaining the need for inspection as the laundry room was moved downstairs. There were other individuals involved- Richard and Danielle in particular who completed their jobs with utmost professionalism. Our home was always left tidy at the end of the day minimizing disruption. The most important aspect of the renovation was that everything was completed as promised, when promised!!

We look forward to working with Centennial 360 on an upcoming kitchen project and would recommend them to anyone considering any type of renovation.”
Warren and Karen Lucky
“We were very pleased with the professionalism, quality of work and customer relationship with Centennial. Extras were monitored and signed off by us, but Centennial added many small features as they went along that were not separately priced and we appreciated their courtesy and goodwill in such an approach. Centennial made a big effort to minimize the disruption to our household and, in fact, we never moved out of the house during the entire process.

Questions were dealt with in a timely fashion and progress explained. The workers on the project were personable, cooperative and skilled in their jobs. We found the workmanship excellent as the workers were not reluctant to spend the time needed to get it right. A very high quality work is reflected in the kitchen, ensuite bathroom and finishing throughout.

We are delighted to be able to say we had a positive renovation experience despite the major scope of the work. We are well satisfied and happy to provide this testimonial to Centennial in recognition of the work and the workers on this project.”
Claire Card & Peter Barnacle
“It all started with our kitchen sink. We had a triple sink, the first thing in our 1987 house that needed to go. Trying to find a replacement became impossible. Then the fridge and stove decided they were through and the serious thought of renovating became a reality.

My hobby is looking at design magazines, so I had an idea of what I wanted. Originally we were going to only replace some of the cupboards and build new the areas that would host the new appliances. Ron, my husband, actually made the decision to replace the whole kitchen. Our flooring in the dining room needed to be replaced as well. We ended up doing total kitchen, main floor powder room, dining room and entrance renos. Of course, the front door needed to be replaced as well- the only disagreement that we had during the whole project!

Then came the carpet going up the stairs- looked pretty shabby with the new surroundings so all the upstairs carpet was replaced.

I have to say that it was a pleasure getting this renovation done. Working with Corinne was so easy and effortless. She has great ideas! Her calm, understated enthusiasm took a while getting used to. I soon realized that if she said she liked something she really LIKED it! She was available and never gave the impression that she had something more important to do, although I know that she is very busy. We got along famously.

When we built our house in 1987, our builder was Don Miller- a very intelligent, diligent, matter of fact genius. I could not believe the similarities between him and Jason, our lead technician. Danielle is also a gem- hard working and reliable- awesome! Bob, our renovation manager, was always in the background directing the project, and took special interest in our front door that was a little bit of a challenge.

There were others that came and went – plumber, electrician, carpet layers and I am grateful to them all for being prompt, professional and doing such a good job.

We are very pleased with the new cupboards, the colours that were chosen, and the wonderful tile floor that was expertly laid. I would highly recommend Centennial 360 to others.”
Vicky & Ron Holmes
“My dream kitchen…something I have considered since we moved into our home 11 years ago, is now a reality, thanks to Centennial.

Once my husband and I decided we were actually going to go ahead and get it done, I couldn’t wait to get started. I had been thinking, planning, and dreaming about it for so long and was very excited. We aren’t ‘do it your selfers’ by any means. We needed someone who could offer a complete renovation.

So I started simply by looking in the yellow pages and then dropping by the show rooms of some of the places I had looked up. I soon became very disappointed. I still don’t understand why, but it was hard to have anyone really take an interest in my business, or return my calls. I was talking about it at work and a friend recommended I call Centennial. They had recently had their bathroom renovated and were very pleased. At the time I didn’t realize Centennial offered kitchen renovations, and made plans to visit the showroom on my next day off.

My first visit to Centennial was encouraging. The showroom had some beautiful products and the staff were friendly. I spoke briefly with a young girl who explained there were no designers available to speak with at the moment, but she answered a few questions and assured me they could look after whatever our renovation needs might be and offered Corinne Kaye’s business card. I called Corinne later that day and left a voicemail asking her to return my call, which she promptly did, and we arranged to meet.

Corinne and I got together and discussed what I was hoping for in my new kitchen. I knew what I wanted, what I liked and what I didn’t like. I showed her some pictures I had collected over the years of things I really liked, and we talked about the overall feeling I wanted to achieve. We agreed to meet again once she had a preliminary design ready.

When the design was ready I anxiously returned to see the design Corinne had come up with. I was speechless when I first looked at the design…it was truly amazing…Corinne had obviously really listened to what I had to say. It was better than I could have imagined! The 3D color drawing was so great – I could actually see what my kitchen would look like.

I simply adore everything about my new kitchen, and I honestly don’t think it would have turned out so perfectly without Corinne. I trusted her advice when making decisions about finishes and patterns and I’ m so glad I did. She was there for us from start to finish…from ensuring all details were looked after to our satisfaction…reassuring me when I was overwhelmed…to marvelling at the finished product with me!

The renovation went likely as smooth as any renovation can! Any technician that visited our home during the reno were nothing less than friendly and professional. We especially appreciate the quality of all the install work Ryan did…his talent at his craft is outstanding !

We couldn’t be happier with our new kitchen. Our friends and family that have come over are amazed at how gorgeous and unique it is…several have commented ‘it looks like something you would see in a magazine.’ I have already highly recommended Centennial to a friend who was in need of a kitchen renovation…they started her reno last Monday!

Thanks Centennial…see you next year when we tackle the bathroom!”
Lori & Jeff Hislop
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