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Your business is too important to run on sticky notes. With ConstructionOnline™, you have access to a feature rich To-Do List, with the ability to designate due dates, assign resources, and keep track of what needs to be done on a per-project level of detail.

UDA ConstructionOnline

UDA ConstructionOnline™ To-Dos

The New ConstructionOnline™ To Dos feature allows straightforward management of all your most important tasks. Forgetting to get something done could mean you have to wake up early tomorrow morning... or losing the project you've been working to get all week. Either way, better administration of your team's time and resources will save you from the ache that accompanies letting something important fall through the cracks. ConstructionOnline™ To-Dos give you the tools to easily handle multiple projects and your entire staff's upcoming assignments, wherever you go.

Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

Every To Do in the system can be assigned to multiple contacts, enabling you to oversee every individual on your team, and track their progress as they complete tasks. With one centralized To-Do list, as well as the ability to filter or sort by project, you have the means to make sure everything that is due gets completed. More projects means more tasks that need to be supervised - With ConstructionOnline™ To Dos, that's never a problem.

From Pending to Completed

From Pending to Completed

ConstructionOnline™ will automatically move Completed activities into a separate list, to help you see what is left to do. Easily check items off as they are completed - The To-Do List will show who completed the task and move it to the appropriate location. If you're working on a larger task, tracking progress on a percentage basis can give you a clear view of where that specific set of work is, and what might need to be done to complete it. Task notes allow users to log any important details that pertain to the task, and can be easily viewed in the To-Do Information window.

Getting Started and Frequently Asked Questions

You know ConstructionOnline lets you share project files between your entire team. But, How does ConstructionOnline work? Does it require any special software? Can I limit access to certain types of information, files, or projects? Can multiple team members login to a project at one time? Learn More

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"The most important thing to me is bringing a project in on time and on budget. ConstructionOnline helps us do that and it's what keeps business coming back"

Michael August
Hammer Head Development
Altamonte Springs, Florida

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